What the Assessment Is All About

YouStudent’s assessment system is suitable for school and university students between the ages of 14 and 24. We use an internationally accredited online profiling tool which is widely used across the UK, US, Canada, the Middle East and Africa. The assessment helps to define and measure natural aptitudes, ability, interests and motivation in individuals. Having a better understanding of your preferences allows for better choices of school subjects and degrees. The assessment process provides scientifically accurate output that can guide you in making the correct decisions. This will help you to avoid unnecessary subject or course changes.

YouStudent is an international company, servicing countries across Africa. As such, your assessment report will contain links to the UK National Career Services website for information on careers. This a comprehensive and easy to use website which is internationally relevant.

PersonalityAll about you

The personality sketches a picture of some of your key behavioural preferences, your strengths and areas which you may wish to consider further. The information about your personality, together with your key interests can help you decide on the career that will best suit your personality characteristics and what you are interested in.

MotivationYour key interests

You will gain Information about your key interests, job suggestions and information about your preferred job sectors. It will further help you recognize your interests and provide insights to making your career decisions.

Cognitive abilitiesNumeracy & literacy

This numeracy assessment provides information on your ability and confidence to reason with numbers and your understanding of basic numeracy skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Speed, accuracy and working memory is measured during this assessment.

The Literacy assessment provides information on your basic literacy skills and measures the foundation skills that allow you to read and write fluently and utilize language proficiently. Perceptual speed is also a quality that is measured in this assessment. As such you will gain information about your ability to work on tasks that require memory for a number of written instructions or procedures. Accurate storage of verbal information in working memory and reconstruction to answer questions is also measured.

Bands / body clockWhat makes you tick

Some people are morning people. Some love routine. Others like flexibility. Our BANDS assessment measures your biorhythms and body clock to identify your personal adaptations so you can make informed occupational choices.

You will receive information about when you are likely to be most alert and what your body clock style is. Many jobs require shift work/ long hours and this will further inform your decision about the career that is best suited to you.