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Bishops Diocesan College

We have been in a partnership with YOU Student for the past year doing their online career assessments. Their technical as well as their general support has been amazing. Anthea Bottger from YOU Student is always willing to answer calls and questions and if she is unable find the solution immediately, she will endeavor to find out and get back to you.

Being able to do the online assessment with YOU Student has given the students flexibility with regards to when the assessments are done, which has saved them time. The online career assessment comes with a report which sets out their personality, interests, body clock and capacity for processing information.

This overview provides the boys with a good starting point to further explore their career options and decisions.

Marileen Harrod, Educational Psychologist, Bishops Support unit
Herschel Girls School

I have enjoyed the privilege of working with the YouStudent team for the past three years and express my sincere gratitude for their outstanding online career development instrument and their ongoing personal support and guidance.

YouStudent’s online career portal contains a well-researched, internationally accredited, affordable, comprehensive and user-friendly career development programme for adolescents and young adults.

Students are able to undergo an online career assessment and obtain a personalised career report detailing their aptitudes, abilities, interests and motivators. Students also benefit from an individual feedback session with one of You Student’s educational psychologists, who interpret the results of the assessment, answer any questions the student may have and highlight potential future career paths.

Monique Nyback, Careers Advisor and Life Orientation Teacher, Herschel Girls School

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