How it works

YouStudent uses an online profiling tool which helps to define and measure natural aptitudes, ability, interests and motivation in individuals. Having a better understanding of your preferences allows for better choices of school subjects and degrees. The assessment process provides scientifically accurate output that can guide you in making the correct decisions. This will help you to avoid unnecessary subject or course changes.

The assessment measures natural ability, interests and motivation and facilitates the process of determining employability skills, personal development and lifelong learning.

There are four stages to the process:

Stage 01Register on YouStudent

Register on the YouStudent platform to gain access to our exciting offering - Supporting you in the decisions about YOUR career journey.

Stage 02Complete Your Profile

Complete your profile and do the assessment battery which will measure your personality, motivation and interests, bodyclock and basic numeracy and literacy skills. Price: $ 65.00 All Inclusive. More info

Stage 03Receive Your Results

Your personalised and easy to use report will be uploaded to your dashboard in your profile.
Access the database for information on careers and degrees

Stage 04Professional Feedback

Book for your 1 hour feedback session and complete a biographical form to receive professional feedback. More info