Professional Feedback & Guidance

What to expect from my coaching session?

The session will be approx 45-60 minutes in duration and can be conducted via an appropriate videoconferencing app. A coaching session usually involves introductions, a conversation about any background pre-work you were asked to complete when making the booking. Your assessment results and report will then be discussed with you in a collaborative manner, exploring opportunities pertaining to your interests, personality, abilities, job market trends and your current reality.

After you initial assessment you can can arrange further assessments with your counsellor if required. Please note that further sessions do not form part of the YouStudent service.

What will I gain from the coaching session?

This is your opportunity to gain self-insight that relates to your potential subject, qualification and career choices, understanding of the job market, as well as attaining clarity with regards to the next steps on your career voyage. At the same time this your space to soundboard your thoughts, ideas, uncertainties and questions with an objective professional who is solely focused on you, your current reality, your future and your passion for the duration of the session.

Our experts

Carl Herman

Carl HermanB.Soc.Sci (Organisational Psychology and Psychology)
B.Soc.Sci. Hons (Organisational Psychology)
MComm (Industrial Psychology)

Carl Herman is a Registered Industrial Psychologist with extensive experience in assessment and development interventions across various sectors and industries. He holds a master’s degree from Stellenbosch University. He is presently the Assessment and Development Manager at Allan Gray Orbis Foundation with a primary focus on assessment strategy for High Impact Entrepreneurs, development and refinement of Success Profile methodologies, and the validation research of assessment tools and processes linked to High Impact Entrepreneurship. Carl is also the Head of Assessment for YouStudent, where he provides cutting edge assessment tools for young adults requiring support for their career pathing and development. He also provides private consulting services to various organisations applying his experience across a wide range of Organisational Development and HR interventions. He has a special interest in assessment centres and simulation design and is on the working committee for the Assessment Centre Study Group of South Africa. He is also a member of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa. Carl has been trained on a variety of assessment tools, techniques and methodologies across many well-established test publishers.

Lynn van 't Hof

Lynn van 't HofB.A. (English and Psychology)
B.A. Hons (Psychology) (Cum Laude)
M.Ed. (Educational Psychology)
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning

Lynn van ’t Hof has been practising as an Educational Psychologist for over twenty years and has worked in schools, and for corporates and communities. Her particular focus has been on counselling children, adolescents, parents and teachers, as well as running various training programmes with this population. During this time, her love of Positive Psychology developed, leading her to explore how we can develop coherent life stories, using an understanding of what is strong in each of us, and how this understanding can develop our meaning-making, and buffer us against the challenges and obstacles we encounter. Lynn worked in Human Resources before completing her BA Hons (Cum Laude) at UNISA, followed by her Masters in Educational Psychology at Wits. She has also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning through UFS. After working full-time in Independent schools in Johannesburg for over twelve years, Lynn relocated and established a practice in Cape Town, as well as an ongoing community project.

Candice Black

Candice BlackB.Soc.Sci (Organisational Psychology And Psychology)
B.Soc.Sci. Hons (Psychology)
B. Psych (Psychometrics)

Candice is registered as a Psychometrist in Independent Practice with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). She graduated from UCT with a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Psychology and Organisational/Industrial Psychology and an Honours degree in Psychology. She completed her Post-Graduate Specialisation in Psychometric Assessment at the University of Johannesburg. She has experience working as an Assessment and Development Specialist in an organisational context as well as with private clients. She gained extensive experience at SA’s largest financial services group and at SA's number one value retailer, before starting her own consulting business - HUMANESSENCE (Pty) Ltd. She now works as a Psychometrist and Career Coach in private practice in Claremont, Cape Town.

Aimee Brenner

Aimee BrennerB.Soc.Sci (Industrial Psychology and International Relations)
B.Soc.Sci. Hons (Industrial Psychology)
M.Soc.Sci (Industrial Psychology)

Aimee is an entrepreneur, Allan Gray Fellow an industrial psychologist, who graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of Cape Town. She currently heads up the Career’s Portfolio for the Association programme at Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, as well as consults for the Selection and Assessment unit. She is also an associate trainee at Change Lab where she consults on change management projects. In her personal capacity she offers career guidance counselling and coaching. She has a passion for guiding young talent through their career journey, making sure they find their niche in which to thrive.

Amirah Davids

Amirah DavidsB. Com (General)
B. Com (Honours-Industrial Psychology)
M.Com (Industrial Psychology)

Amirah is a registered Industrial Psychologist who obtained a Master's of Commerce degree. She is currently an Associate Lecturer at the University of the Western Cape and at the same time serves as a Consultant to the Selection and Assessment team at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. Additionally, Amirah's professional experience extends within the Medico-Legal Industry. Ultimately, Amirah in her private capacity as a professional has a passion for working with younger individuals by assisting them with developing their careers.

Verena Strydom

Verena StrydomBEdPsych (Cum Laude)
MEdPsych (Cum Laude)

Verena is a registered Educational Psychologist with significant experience in all areas of educational psychology. She specialises in psychological assessment for career development and has assisted many individuals in making the first steps toward their career development during the course of her practice. Verena feels strongly about working with individuals and their families to make informed decisions regarding career choices. Verena gained experience working at a number of schools as well as Stellenbosch University.

Erika Revington

Erika RevingtonB.soc.sci (Psychology)
B.soc.sci Hons
M.Educational Psychology

Erika is a registered educational psychologist and psychometrist. Erika’s areas of expertise are career development and personality exploration and development. Over the past 10 years Erika as gained experience in a broad range of career assessments and techniques working with children and adults, focusing on subject choice, study choice and career guidance.

Karin van Wijk

Karin van WijkBcom Industrial Psychology
Bcom Hons Industrial Psychology
Mcom Industrial Psychology
Coaching and Mentoring Certificate (UK)

Karin is a registered industrial psychologist with extensive experience in career coaching, counselling and development. Karin is a qualified specialist in psychometric assessments, and has both scholar and student career guidance experience.