Entrepreneur? Coder? Doctor? Graphic Designer? Accountant? Digital Media Specialist?

Deciding what to study or which kind of job is right for you can be scary. What will you succeed at? What should you study? How do you know? What are the right school subjects to choose? Let us help you find out.

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What we do

Your one-stop online portal to career guidance

  • Accessible online assessment for students
  • Personalised, easy to understand report
  • Career, subject and degree guidance
  • SA Degree and Career Database

How it works

There are four stages to the process:

Stage 01Register on YouStudent

Register on YouStudent, pay for the services you require and complete your online profile to access our exciting services. 

Stage 02Complete Your Profile

Receive links to our practice booklet and assessment system. Work through the booklet and complete the on-line assessment battery. Price: $ 65.00 All Inclusive. More info

Stage 03Receive Your Results

Your personalised, concise and easy to use report will be uploaded to your dashboard in your profile within an hour of completing the assessment.
Access the gostudy.co.net database for information on careers and degrees

Stage 04Professional Feedback

Book for your 1 hour feedback session and complete a biographical form to receive professional feedback. More info

The Assessment

YouStudent uses an internationally accredited online profiling tool which helps to define and measure natural aptitudes, ability, interests and motivation in individuals.

$ 65.00 All Inclusive

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Professional Feedback & Guidance

YouStudent has a network of education and career experts who can provide professional feedback on the individual assessment report.

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Career and Degree Information

We have partnered with gostudy.co.net to provide you with a comprehensive career and degree site which contains information about over 600 occupations and over 3000 study programs, including links to accredited public and private universities and collages. You can access all the information you require on the Career Preference section of your customised YouStudent report in the gostudy.co.net database.

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I have enjoyed the privilege of working with the YouStudent team for the past three years and express my sincere gratitude for their outstanding online career development instrument and their ongoing personal support and guidance.

Bishops Diocesan College
Herschel Girls School

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